a 7-day jump start

mindful mornings

reclaiming sacred space for you

with Hannah Pasquinzo

What if one simple shift could make the big stuff easier?

Let me guess… you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. Your to-do list and your schedule seem unrelenting, and you’re getting lost in the fray of working and running kids around and trying to get the dishes done before you plop down on the couch with a glass of wine and see what’s up (again) on Facebook. Whew!

You can remember a time when your life used to include you a bit more. Now you’re only wishing you had the space to catch a couple minutes of distraction-free alone time. To maybe start meditating again or begin filling those blank journals that are collecting dust on your bookshelf.

You imagine yourself waking up early and shuffling to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. You sip it down over some inspirational reading, then get comfy on your meditation cushion. After that you take a few minutes to grab your pen and jot down your thoughts and ideas and insights.

You feel creative, soulful, grounded – like without much else in your life changing, you move through it all with a little more grace, patience, ease. You can truly relax into all of the different roles you play, and life feels less hectic. Like it has deeper meaning.

What’s cool is that this reality is possible for you.

I love helping women who are tired of feeling so tired – of the status quo, of putting their own needs aside, of settling for less than they truly desire.  Guiding them in rediscovering the power within themselves to create a more fulfilling, meaningful, sustainable life… it’s amazing.

Why?  Because women who are emboldened to live life on their own terms create a world full of more kindness and connection, health and wellbeing, creativity and self-expression, abundance and equality.  And that sounds like the kind of world I want to live in.  

You too?  It can all begin in the most simple of places, with 20 minutes of sacred alone time first thing in the morning.


reclaiming sacred space for you
a 7-day jump start



Hi, I’m Hannah.

Just like you, I have a lot of things vying for my time and energy. I have two kiddos and a husband of over 10 years. I own a busy dance studio, work as a coach, and help take care of our little farmette. On top of that, I love to keep up with my girlfriends.

As you can imagine, this life is messy and imperfect, but it’s SO much easier when I’m taking time out for myself. To tend my own needs and connect with something larger than myself. For me, this looks like a Mindful Mornings practice. And I’d love to share it with you.

After this e-course, you will:

  • Have permission to say yes to taking care of yourself (just in case you needed it). 😉
  • Have a morning routine you can come back to again and again that supports the rest of your day, your week, your month… your whole life! You’ll reclaim sacred space in your life for you.
  • Get in touch with the source of the clarity, peace, and joy that already lives inside you, so you can begin to access that part of yourself anytime you start feeling stressed or overwhelmed.
  • Know that even though life does feel messy sometimes, you have the freedom to choose to stand for yourself. For your dreams. For a life that you love. Yes, you can!

Mindful Mornings includes:

Welcome Email

As soon as you register, you’ll get a Welcome Email celebrating this amazing jump start you’ve chosen to give yourself. It’ll inform you of everything you need to support yourself through the seven day journey. This step alone will give you a little burst of energy, because you’ll be taking action!  You’ll sense change and possibility on the horizon, and it will feel awesome.

Seven Daily Meditations and Journal Prompts

First thing in the morning, for seven days, you’ll receive an email that contains a short reading on the day’s theme, a guided meditation (10 minutes or less), and a series of powerful journal prompts. All-in-all, you should plan on spending about 20 minutes with the material (or more if you have time!). This is the meat and potatoes of Mindful Mornings. It’s where you’ll learn and grow and experience sacred time alone, just for you. You may find that you’re actually excited to wake up in the morning!

Farewell Email

In your final email, I’ll send you off with some inspiration and encouragement for continuing your Mindful Mornings practice. There may or may not be a surprise included, as well (do you love surprises as much as I do?). Then we’ll say goodbye, but not for long! I’ll let you know how we can stay in touch and continue to work together if you’re interested.

My intention for this journey is that you end our time together feeling renewed in some way, ready to continue the Mindful Mornings practice and go even deeper into self-discovery.

You can finally reclaim sacred space in your life for you, and I can help you get there. In fact, I’d be honored.

Investment: $47



Want to get started? Excellent! Here’s what to do.

Step 1:  Click the BUY NOW button up there, or make your payment here.

Step 2:  After you enroll, you’ll run to your email to confirm that you want to receive all of the Mindful Mornings materials. Then you’ll receive your Welcome Email, so you can get prepared for Day 1. Woot!

Step 3:  Get ready to jump start your life with your new Mindful Mornings routine. I’m really excited for you!



Have questions? Just get in touch – I’m happy to help!


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