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Three Things You Can Do Right Now to Spend More Time Doing What You Love. It's horse-inspired wisdom to help you tame the chaos of your frenzied life.

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Do you ever find yourself feeling really happy one moment and then frustrated and tense the next?

Are you often totally excited about something, but also terrified of it at the same time?

Bummed about an obligation and simultaneously disappointed when it gets canceled?  I am.

This morning, I had an appointment scheduled that would take me an hour to drive to.  I really didn’t want to go (that’s three total hours out of my day that I could be doing something else!).  I was getting ready, putting my big girl panties on, sucking it up to make the drive when my phone rang.

My appointment got canceled… Yay!  I was happy for a second, at least.  And then I was suddenly upset that I couldn’t just get the appointment over with, because now I have to reschedule for next week, and that means seven more days of worrying about the three hours of my time, two of which will be wasted driving… blah, blah, blah.

My friend Laura and I call this the “carousel of crazy”, where nothing can make you happy.  Not a fun place to be.

After I became aware of my totally emotional, wishy-washy feelings about this appointment (that probably won’t matter much in the grand shame of things anyway), I started beating myself up.  Geez, Hannah, can’t you ever pick a pew and sit in it?  You didn’t want to go to the appointment anyway.  So now you’re you mad that it’s canceled?

And then I remembered a nugget of wisdom that I took home from an Equus Coaching™ workshop I went to a couple years ago.

We are human.  And humans are complex.

It’s ok to relax our concept of “self” to include the fullness and depth of who we are: emotional, sensitive, feeling beings.  And when we normalize our intricacies and the vastness of the human experience, we can ease up on all of the pressure to be a certain way.  We can let go of the anxiety we have about how we think things “should” be.

This practice of self-acceptance opens the floodgates for possibility and potential, for desire and destiny.

It allows us to be fully present in our lives, whether we’re sad one minute and happy the next or floating along on an even keel.  It’s all ok!
So it doesn’t have to be “complicated”.  It can just be “complex”.  Hehe.

Here’s to the human experience, to the ups and the downs and everything in between.  And here’s to being “ok” – perfect just the way we are.

Leave me a comment below, and share your own thoughts or experiences on self-acceptance.  I’d love to hear!  And as always, if you want some support through the complexities of life, I’m here to help.  Just shoot me an email, and we can hop on the phone for a bit to chat.  Can’t wait!

Much love,


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  1. Self acceptance has been an issue I’ve struggled with my whole life. I have found that as I’ve aged it’s become easier to accept who I am because I have a better idea of who I am. I think it takes a lifetime to discover yourself, but isn’t that what life is all about?

    1. Hannah says:

      Krystal, yes! I’m welcoming my birthdays, because every year I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. What a journey, yeah? 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Hannah this is my first visit to your blog and I love what you’ve got to say. I am certainly on the’ carousel of crazy’ and will certainly be back to read more. Sx

  3. Hillari says:

    Love this! Happens to me often!

  4. Lisa Staples says:

    Self-acceptance of things in my life has made a huge difference. Sometimes just changing the way I think about things is all I need to do!

    1. Hannah says:

      Yes! It’s so simple when you remember to do it, huh? 😉

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Three Things You Can Do Right Now to Spend More Time Doing What You Love. It's horse-inspired wisdom to help you tame the chaos of your frenzied life.