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Finding Freedom in a Messy World

leaving behind frantic for a simpler, more soulful life and business


Three Things You Can Do Right Now to Spend More Time Doing What You Love. Horse-inspired wisdom to help you tame the chaos of your frenzied life.

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Running your own business was going to be really awesome, right? You’d have a flexible schedule so you could work when you want to, have more time with your kids, be in control of your own financial destiny, and even make a difference in the world while you’re at it… 

But let’s be honest. We live in a messy world, and life is feeling… hard.  You’re tired of being so tired all the time – of the status quo, of putting your own needs aside, of settling for less than you used to dream of. You just can’t shake that restless feeling that there has to be more to life than unending to-do lists and packed schedules.

You have good intentions of actually using your meditation cushion, of filling those blank journals that are collecting dust on your bookshelf, of downtime or hiking with your family on weekends. It’s just that the anxiety and frustration of attempting too much and accomplishing too little runs in the background of everything else in your life right now.  

You dream of rest – real, deep rest – except you never quite get around to it. There’s always more to be done. You’re scrambling to keep up, but for what?  For this life that feels out of alignment with your values anyway? It’s no wonder how easy it is to pour a glass of wine and see what’s up (again) on Facebook.

You sense intuitively that the path to more is actually less, but you aren’t sure where to begin.  You long for something simple. Sacred. Free.  

Now imagine, just for a moment, that you’re able to let go of the restlessness, the stress, and start living the life you dream of:

  • You wake up in the morning with enough energy and inspiration to spend time on your spiritual life – meditation, journaling, maybe some yoga. You feel grounded and connected to the deeper purpose of your life.
  • Your work truly makes a difference in the world. Sure you work hard sometimes, but the rewards are so worth it! Most of the time it doesn’t even feel like work.
  • Your family notices how present you are. They’re loving the quality time, the great meals together… the kids love the comfort they feel just being close to their mom.
  • You have more time for YOU. You get to say yes to that long walk in the woods or coffee with a friend. Think connection and community and living your life as a stand for the kind of world you want to live in. YES.  
  • You actually get more done by working less. It may sound crazy right now, but it’s an inevitable result of living such an open-hearted life.

Sounds fantastic, right? It is possible. You can stop working so hard and get back to the truly important stuff: the business of living your life.

I love helping women who are busy trying to balance all of the moving pieces of their lives and usually feel like they’re coming up short. I help them reclaim their true desires (and their schedules!), so they can work less and start living more. More freedom. More purpose. More fun!   

Why? Because women who are emboldened to live life on their own terms create a world full of more kindness and connection, health and wellbeing, creativity and self-expression, abundance and equality. And that sounds like the kind of world I want to live in.  

You too? I thought so. 🙂

After this coaching program you will:

  • Have a clear vision to keep moving toward, a north star for your life and your work, that you can come back to again and again as things evolve and change over time.  You’ll be actively creating that vision, too!
  • Feel an alignment of your inner values and the way your life is starting to look on the outside.  Say goodbye to overwhelm and anxiety and hello to the tools to help you move through them.  All with the grace and integrity of a woman who knows herself and her work in the world.
  • Have a rich inner life that feels more magical than you used to think possible and just like what you always wanted, all at the same time.  You’ll be developing your intuition, your inner knowing, and it will feel amazing.
  • Feel a sense of peace and purpose – you’ll be owning your power to create a life that you love, and your life itself will be a testament to the kind of world you want to live in.  Talk about purpose.  
  • Be totally psyched that you decided to take action sooner rather than later – there’s nothing like support from someone who understands what you’re going through and can help you come out the other side.  No worse for the wear, but much wiser.  😉

Your coaching package includes:

Clarity Questionnaire

This short series of questions will help you get clear on exactly what you want help with and where you want to start, so we can make the absolute most of our time together.  This step alone will give you a little burst of energy, because you’ll be taking action!  You’ll sense change and possibility on the horizon, and it will feel awesome.

Foundation Session

In this 60-75 minute session, we’ll set the foundation for what you want your life to look like, how you want it to feel, and why.  Then we’ll get down to the practical, nitty-gritty of making it happen.  Clarity + Intention + Action = the life you’ve been dreaming of.  For real.

Five Finding Freedom Sessions

After your Foundation Session, we’ll meet every other week for a total of five more sessions (that’s three whole months together!).  With each conversation we have, we’ll reveal in even more detail how to overcome what’s been holding you back from creating the happiness, success, and freedom you crave.  You’ll feel a heightened sense of intuition and clarity that will guide you for the rest of your life.

Work Less + Live More Bonus Check-In

Two weeks after your last Finding Freedom Session, you’ll have been busy getting back to the business of living your life (yay!).  We’ll have a 30-minute check-in to see where you’re at and answer any questions you may have, so you can feel confident that you’re still going in the right direction.  

Just think, you can finally ease up a bit, leave frantic behind, and live a more soulful life. And I can help you get there.


Ready to get started?  

Step 1: Schedule a free Discovery Session.  A nice 20-minute chat will give you the chance to tell me more about yourself, and we can determine if we’d be a good fit.

Step 2: If we both feel a big “yes” after talking, and we’d love to work together, I’ll get your payment and send you to my online scheduler again.  There you’ll accept a Coaching Agreement and schedule out all of the sessions in your package (it’s super easy!).

Step 3: Check your email for your Clarity Questionnaire, fill it out, and submit it at least 24 hours before your first session.

Step 4: Give me a call via Skype audio at your scheduled appointment time (those deets will be provided when you make your payment). *meeting via phone means we can work together no matter where you live!

Step 5:  Get ready to rock and roll!  

Easy peasy. Still have questions?  Get in touch.  I’m happy to help!

And here’s one more handy link to schedule your complimentary Discovery Session.  I can’t wait to meet you!