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Your Business and Life, Aligned:

Three months, two sessions per month, lots of ground covered, and a brand new business (and life!) on the horizon.

You’ll be making a difference in the world AND have the flexibility and freedom you so badly desire (and deserve!).

Together, we’ll work to:

  • Halt the burnout, the stress, the anxiety.  Release what is causing your struggles.
  • Connect you to your own inner wisdom, the part of yourself that has a deep knowing of what you truly want.
  • Activate the secret to attracting and creating what you want (and to feeling good while you’re at it!).

That clunky feeling of not knowing what you’re doing, where you’re going?  Vanished.

Get ready to stop feeling like your trapped… like you’re just working instead of truly living.  Get ready to start creating the business and life of your dreams.

Plus, you’ll also receive some valuable bonuses:

  • 45 minute bonus session – after you complete your three month program, you will get an additional 45 minute call with me to help support you in continuing to achieve your new goals. I’ll also let you know how we can continue to work together if you want to hear about your options.
  • A beautiful 3 Month Success Journal that will deepen your growth and everything you are learning and processing in your coaching sessions.
  • Your Fantastic Future Design Guide is designed to provide you with profound success during your coaching package and help make your dreams a reality!
  • A Guided Meditation MP3 you can use every day to stay on track and feel great while you’re at it.

Sounds good, huh? This is the work I did with my first coach. The work that helped me double my business in a year’s time, show up fully for my customers and employees, and start to (finally!) reap the benefits that come with being self-employed. And it’s the same work I do with my clients, that I’d love to do with you.

Investment: full pay option of $897 or three pay option of $337 per month for three months

If you’d like to hop on the bandwagon now, click on one of the “buy now” buttons below.

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If this kind of commitment makes you a little nervous, I totally get it. I’ve spent tens of thousands on my own personal life and business coaching, but it wasn’t easy for me to take that initial leap. Just shoot me an email, and I can answer any questions you might have.

Or we can schedule a complimentary Discovery Session. We’ll spend 20 minutes on the phone together, and I can answer your questions in person and let you know if I think we’d be a good fit. Don’t worry, it’ll be fun!

Discovery Session


And just to line it out nice and straight, here’s how to get started with my 3 Month Coaching Package:

Step 1: Click one of the “Buy Now” buttons up there, the full pay option or the three pay monthly payment option.

Step 2: You’ll be taken to my online scheduler where you’ll accept a coaching agreement, choose your first session time, and make your payment.

Step 3: Keep scheduling the rest of your sessions, every other week, until your whole program is on the calendar.

Step 4: Check your email for your pre-session questionnaire.  It’ll help us get to know each other before we get started.  PS – you’ll get one of these before each one of your sessions.

Step 5: Give me a call via Skype audio at your scheduled appointment time (Don’t forget to add me to your contacts beforehand – you’ll be reminded of that while you’re scheduling your sessions.). *meeting via phone means we can work together no matter where you live!

Easy peasy.  Still have questions, get in touch.  I’m happy to help!

single coaching session or and Equus Coaching™ session more your style?  Hop on over and check ’em out.